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The 'Cotswold' Collection of White Textured Moulded Doors

If your looking for a white premium primed interior doors with modern, clean, crisp styling, that's ready for final finishing, this door is well worthy of consideration and caters for the the more contemporary taste in doors. Moulded panel doors incorporate quality FSC accredited one piece facings, offering excellent appearance anf performance. They are available in a wide choice of designs, sizes and core constructions, making them a versatile door choice.

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'Victorian Forbes' Glazed Door

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'Victorian' Glazed Textured White Doors

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Can be mixed Designs & Sizes from Pages 16 & 17 from the 'Cotswold Range' 

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'Victorian Forbes' Obscure Glass with Clear Line Detail
'Victorian Glazed' with Clear Glass
Imperial Sizes 35mm thick 35mm thick
24" x 78" - 610 x 1981mm
£148.98 N/A
27" x 78" - 686 x 1981mm
£148.98 £143.54
30" x 78" - 762 x 1981mm
£148.98 £143.54
28" x 78" - 711 x 1981mm
£148.98 N/A
32" x 80" - 813 x 2032mm
£148.98 N/A
33" x 78" - 838 x 1981mm
£148.98 £143.54
Metric Sizes
40mm thick 40mm thick
726mm x 2040mm
£155.68 £150.26
826mm x 2040mm
£155.68 £150.26
N/A = Not available
Subject to change in the future

* please call for offer prices on these sizes

All prices + VAT

Offer Price
40% Off
From £89.39
Offer Price
35% Off
From £93.30
Less than £250 receive 25% Discount i.e. Qty 1

'Victorian Glazed' White Door

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XL Joinery Doors


'XL Joinery' Lock Blocks
Doors have lock blocks to each side of the door.
On 'XL' moulded doors, the lock block is aprox 950mm from the bottom of the door. The lock block is 300mm long by 100mm deep (+/-15mm)

Important Note: These doors are especially vulnerable to constant high humidity and care must be taken not to fit in new properties before plasterwork etc. has been allowed to dry out sufficiently.

Standard Core
Standard Core
A multi-cell or spacer pad core for light duty, non fire rated applications.
Suitable for domestic use.
Specification for catalogue standard
core interior and exterior door types.
Actual core construction may vary.

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