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The 'Mendip' Collection of Pre-finished Grooved Oak Doors
Targeted towards the more aspiring buyer, the Mendip Collection combines sophisticated style and superb engineering with an exceptional quality of finish and encompasses glazed and unglazed models, including selected Firecheck options, across a range of "in-vogue" finishes and popular sizes, all covered by DOD's Guarantee... making it the perfect choice for Architects, Specifiers, Developers, Everyone involved in replacement, renovation or new build projects striving to achieve a premium, upmarket look in the most ultra modern or period property.
All veneers are natural products and some variation should be expected. If veneer matching is required, please advise at time of order, as these doors will be specially manufactured and subject to a surcharge.
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'Iseo' Oak Interior Door

Iseo oak door

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Spend £250 ( Recc. Price) for below Offer Prices

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Pre-finished Oak 'Iseo' Grooved Door
Semi -Solid Core
Semi SolidCore
Fireshield FD30
Glazed Bevelled Glass Glazed Clear Fireshield FD30


Fireshield FD30

Imperial Sizes 35mm thick 44mm thick 35mm thick 44mm thick 44mm thick
18" x 78" - 457 x 1981mm £194.74 N/A N/A N/A N/A
21" x 78" - 533 x 1981mm £194.74 N/A N/A N/A N/A
24" x 78" - 610 x 1981mm £194.74 £288.32 £293.02 N/A N/A
27" x 78" - 686 x 1981mm £194.74 £288.32 £293.02 £899.28 £449.54
28" x 78" - 711 x 1981mm £194.74 N/A N/A N/A N/A
30" x 78" - 762 x 1981mm £194.74 £288.32 £293.02 £899.28 £449.54
33" x 78" - 838 x 1981mm £194.74 £288.32 £293.02 £899.28 £449.54

* please call for offer prices on these sizes

All prices + VAT

44% Off
49% Off
44% Off
49% Of
55% Off
All above Prices are excluding VAT

'Iseo' Glazed Oak Door

Iseo Glazed oak Door

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