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Cut your Fitting time to 45 minutes with pre-hung 'Lebo' Door Sets
Refurbishing is easier than you might think!
Who is not familiar with this situation: You have bought or inherited a house or apartment, or you simply want something new.
The renovation of the floors, walls and ceilings is done quickly and even the furniture is easy to freshen up, but the refurbishment of the doors is something most people are afraid of. They fear that this work will cause too much disturbance, dust, dirt or might even damage the valuable timber floor or the expensive silk or glass fibre wallpaper.
They don't know that the installation of new doors can be really easy and one element can take as little as ¾ hour of your time!
No matter whether you want to encase an existing steel frame or replace an old timber frame, whether you have re-laid your parquet or papered your walls, or whether your old door is not the standard size, Lebo will provide you with the appropriate solution.
You don’t believe that refurbishing is that easy? Take a look at our movie.
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Lebo Interior Door sets

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