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 LPD NuVu Prefinished Oak or Unfinished Oak and Prefinished White
Outward opening ( all configurations) Please click on images below for full Information, Sizing and Prices
6', 7' & 8' - 3 Doors - Oak 10' - 4 Doors - Oak 3+1 12' - 5 Doors - Oak 14' & 16' - 6 Doors - Oak 5+1
NUVU Folding Doors Exterior Folding Doors
Less 40% from £1333.38 + VAT Less 40% from £1933.38 + VAT Less 40% from £2300.04 + VAT Less 40% from £2800.02 + VAT
6', 7' & 8' - 3 Doors - White 10' - 4 Doors - White 3+1 12' - 5 Doors - White 14' & 16' - 6 Doors - White 5+1
Exterior Folding Doors Exterior Folding Doors
Less 40% from £1333.38 + VAT Less 40% from £1946.70+ VAT Less 40% from £2346.72 + VAT Less 40% from £2800.02 + VAT
SIZE Configuration Outer Frame Size
1800mm (6') Door Set 3 + 0  Configuration 1795mm (wide) x 2095mm (high
2100mm (7') Door Set 3 + 0  Configuration 2095mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
2400mm (8') Door Set 3 + 0  Configuration 2395mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
3000mm (10') Door Set 3 + 1  Configuration 2995mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
3600mm (12') Door Set 5 + 0  Configuration 3595mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
4200mm (14') Door Set 5 + 1  Configuration 4195mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
4200mm (14') Door Set 3 + 3  Configuration 4195mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
4800mm (16') Door Set 5 + 1  Configuration 4795mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
4800mm (16') Door Set 3 + 3  Configuration 4795mm (wide) x 2095mm (high)
LPD NUVU Folding doorsets provide a unique, lifestyle solution, by cost-effectively facilitating bringing the outside inside and extending the interior to the exterior - creating increased "living" space along with a more salubrious and convivial environment to enjoy on a day-to-day basis and relax in when entertaining.
LPD NUVU Folding doorsets come in a standard height of 2095mm and are available in seven different widths - 6'; 7'; 8'; 10'; 12'; 14'; 16' - across 3 attractive and fashionable finishes, either unfinished Oak, composed of FSC certified Oak veneer applied to an engineered timber core, suitable for finishing on site to a customers' specific colour shade, pre-finished Oak, which is treated with a 3 part, high build tinted lacquer at the point of manufacture, or pre-finished White produced from FSC certified engineered softwood and protected by a durable, solvent based, 3 part, high-build exterior paint system.
In short, LPD NUVU Folding, is a premium quality, "off the shelf", modular, affordable alternative to comparable, far more expensive, bespoke doorsets, that's ideal for conservatories, garden rooms, orangeries, patios and larger verandas and specifically targeted towards anyone involved in the new build sector, property development, renovation, remodelling or refurbishment projects, able to design their brickwork opening around a standard frame size.
Installing LPD NUVU Folding will not only afford additional space, but also add value to your property, so for professional developers and homeowners alike, they're clearly the perfect choice both aesthetically and financially.
Key Features & Benefits
• Available in 7 widths across 3 finishes  
• unfinished Oak; pre-finished Oak or White provides optimum breadth of choice
• 44mm thick with a thermally efficient, argon filled, tempered, double glazed unit giving a whole product U value of 1.8W/m2K • Helps minimise heat transfeand lower the carbon emissions  
• Fully Part F and Part L compliant   • Weather tested to BS 6375 Part-1:2009 (with aluminium cill incorporated)
• Fully reversible - can be installed to open either left to right or right to left • Outward opening (all configurations)
• Top hung for effortless and unimpaired operational performane
• High performance, chrome effect hardware & handles
• Robust Multi-point locking systems on all access doors • additional key lockable drop bolts fitted as standard
• Trickle ventilation provided through the frame head • Aluminium cill for optimal drainage and durability
  • Full height glazed doors   
• optimises the amount of “borrowed” light   • Majority of components are pre-machined
• improved speed and ease of on-site assemblyAluminium Threshold Detail 68 NuVuFolding 5+1 3+0 3+3
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